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WEBSITES To Help You Relax

     Don't you hate it when you drop your phone and it gets messed up. Not to mention having to take it to a shop to get repaired. I found your solution. Go and get a phone protector case so when the worst does happen you won't have to worry much.
    When I hear an emergency siren in my neighborhood it makes me worry. I cannot feel comfortable until I know what is happening. I found a website that really helps me with this concern. This site allows anyone to tune into your police radio transmissions and follow along with the authorities as they deal with the on going emergencies. Knowing what is going on and that it is being handled by professionals makes me feel safe and comfortable. If you feel the same you should check out this site. In addition to police and fire responders you can also monitor air traffic control from this website.


Famous People With Autism/ausburgers                                                                        CLICK HERE>>>>>>>>>

If you are like me then you love to fidget with things when you get anxious. This device will definitely help solve the issue.


Glitter Calming Jar

How to make it...

Do you want to upload your own songs so people can buy them? I USE A SITE CALLED DISTROKID.COM TO UPLOAD ALL MY SONGS TO PLACES LIKE ITUNES AND SPOTIFY. click on this link to get a 7% discount...


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“The turtle who could freeze time” (iTunes) helped me fall asleep      James mat

   My son has been living with autism for his whole life. After playing joes music for about 30 minutes my son calmed down. There is something magical about joes music and autism. Thank you so much for this.    Betty white

  We all know the impact music has on people. The Autmuse network has shown the healing power of music with people on the autistic spectrum. I myself don’t have autism but know people who do. I am very excited to show them the network. Two thumbs up from me.    Jon Goodwin

  Hey, my name is Todd and I have a son with autism. He is always anxious about almost everything.
Especially when there is something new. I usually tell him to calm down multiple times a day. Also, I keep him as close as possible because he might run away when we are at a store. Your music joe has calmed my son down within minutes. This is the first time I have seen him relax and smile for the longest time. I also listened and am now a fan also. Thanks for caring about people on the spectrum. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you.    Tod shoemaker

  I work for the school district in a classroom mainly filled with autistic kids. They sometimes drive me crazy but I love them none the less. I recently had a very misbehaving kid who would not do what was told. One of my aids said he had a solution. He said he had heard your music and you suggested him to have our kids listen to the music. I grab the headphones I handed it over to the kid. Within seconds we saw the kid relax and became compliant. Every free time now he has requested the Music player with your music. I would like to personally say thank you joe for the tunes.   Bethany cooper

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"Autmuse agrees that our fans help people relax. Autmuse is a True fan of our products. "

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