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JOES FACTS (learned through his years on earth)

Organic Coconut oil does not replace flossing and brushing. It's helps a lot but not in that way.

To much time Looking at a computer screen in a given day will slow you down mentally and make you become tired and easily agitated. 

Eating a lot of food will make you tired.

Drinking water keeps you awake ... Drink a lot of it.

Producing music is the only activity that uses one hundred percent of your brain.

getting rid of less important stuff and donating it makes me feel super relaxed. It opens up A lot of space in my home. And I like a lot of space.

Rubbing the outside of your eyes  with them closed feels good.

If you want to lose fat and weight do a thing called fasting skip a meal and then eat a small meal next time.

If you are advertising something only use a service called AD WORDS it's more predictable.

To much coffee makes you go to the bathroom a lot

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