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SCRATCHES Let's talk about scratches. The ever ender to perfect mint condition products. I on this side of the conversation hate scratches especially when they appear on my favorite gadgets like the iPhone and similar. I have found a few solutions that will ease the hate of all future ware and tear. This is How I fix being anxious or worried about scratches. I ask myself does it still work? Usually the gadget works fine. That is definitely a plus. If it's a gadget like an iPhone where information is displayed I then ask myself if can I still retrieve the information from the device. The answer again is most of the time yes. So what do I have to worry about? here is a perfect example of what goes through my head. Mind you that most of the scratches are not visible to most people. I freak out even if there is a small scratch. Okay this first thing that happens to my mind when I drop or ding a device is that I go into a deep panic. After I do a brief observation. Here is an example. To me it feels like the end of the world or a catastrophic event is happening. buildings falling to the ground and people screaming. When actually it's just a small problem. After awhile the pain does go away and I soon forget what happened and stop worrying. Time really does heal wounds.

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