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Things That I and others Do To Help Ease the Over Active and stressed Brain 

Do You Dare To Go Into the UnKnown

Don't Be afraid...

    Sometimes routines change. Sometimes some of your friends want you to try something that you never done before. For example I was afraid of going on roller coasters that had loops on it. My brother tried for the longest time to get me on one. The day I successfully finished riding my first extreme coaster was a day I would never forget. So don't be afraid of stuff that's unknown. Who's knows maybe the thing will be something unforgettable.


A bit of Nylon Makes all the difference

  • WHY Nylon

  The reason I like nylon so much is that light goes through it very easily. Putting nylon over my windows gives me the opportunity to have a kinda 24 hour beautiful sunset. The first time I put it over my windows I was in ah thinking to my self "this is very relaxing".

GARY - And The Enablers
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  • WHAT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER by mia123674

    WHAT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER by mia123674

    I drink 20 cups of Water. I sleep 3 hours early. Also I play soccer (don't ask why plz ).And lastly I take meds .

  • WHY I PLAY MUSIC by Djcpb

    WHY I PLAY MUSIC by Djcpb

    Well I don't make music like you do but it still is great to listen and when I do a DJ party it's nice to see the smile on people's faces and know that I've done a good job. At the end me and whoever hired me are both happy!



  • What makes me feel best BY Loneblaze

    What makes me feel best BY Loneblaze

    Music almost always * And knowing I can myself at any moment but I choose not to ya ya it's sad as to you but Idc that's who I am


collaberates with other hip-hop artists

A Truth - A Unified Soul Theory
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  • OSCILLOT TV                                              Gaming relaxes me when I get stressed. It lets you enter new worlds and forget about life's headaches! Whether its with friends or single player, its always fun and realaxing.


Joel I Rabina


Art is relaxing for me because it allows me to be creative. To be able to take something from imagination and get it onto the canvas or the computer screen. I also believe as an artist, that a blank canvas already knows what it wants to become, I'm only the one that helps it along sometimes. There's just something to be said about finishing a piece of artwork. No words can really describe the feeling. It just feels GOOD. Art in general is relaxing like when you visit a museum. To just look at artwork is calming.


collaberates with other hip-hop artists

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