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1. San Francisco International Airport and other airports

As you might know, I love planes so this is definitely my favorite place. I have also found one of the best places to watch planes here.


2. Library


I like to go to libraries because of how quiet they are. I also like libraries because of the smell of the books. It gives off a stench that helps me relax somehow.


3. Going to a restaurant to watch a sports game


There really is nothing like watching a sports match and eating my favorite foods like buffalo wild wings or steaks cheering on my favorite team.


4. Big cities like San Francisco Seattle and Los Angeles


I like these kinds of places because it gives me the opportunity to explore for the longest time possibly multiple days. I like that I can tell myself hey let's go that way and no one says no.


5. Obviously my own bedroom


There is nothing like after a good day of work to come home and take a good rest on my bed while I watch social media like YouTube or TikTok. My bedroom is also the place where I produce most of my new songs.


6. My parent's house


To be honest I would much rather be at my place but there is something about my dad's house. I think I like it a lot because he works on his garden and other stuff around the house and it gives me a great feeling inside that makes me want to stay.


7. Bakerys


If you were to look at me and the way i look you would see that maybe I like sweets a lot. I like bakeries mainly the smell. I could stay at one all day. My go-to snack from a bakery has got to be the wonderful morning bun.


8. Malls Unlike big cities and the airports


I love the mall. At least most of them. I like looking at all the different stores and food options. And of course, finding the arcade and winning some prizes. Also not that it's my favorite but I do enjoy being places that have a lot of people present. I suppose it's in my genes.


9. At work


Not that I want to be at work all day but there is something to it. I always notice on vacations that i get bored and want something to do. In other words, get into a routine. Thank goodness for my job to deliver giving me something to do during the day.









10. Movie theater


Last but not least I love the movie theater. When I see that there's a movie I want to watch I enjoy going to the theatre to watch it. I get to choose my spot and always have a water fountain and bathroom close by. 


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