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My Life Story

SANTA CRUZ AKA college life

Okay our story begins on a nice spring day no clouds no rain... perfect 75 degree weather

At this time I lived in Santa Cruz california in a side house. The owners lived in the main house. The side house was pretty neat. I had a big window to look out at the backyard. I had a huge mattress. My favorite thing to sleep on after a long day of classes. There was also a side room where I set up all my music stuff for recording. Also thank goodness for a full bathroom and a kitchen. The kitchen wasn’t very big but it was big enough. Had a stove top and a microwave. Super useful. It was a super nice place to live.


the day started like any other day. Wake up take a shower ,eat breakfast and maybe if there’s time watch a few videos on YouTube. Well this day was not normal. After I finished all my morning chores I went to my car to drive to the collage campus. This far everything is fine. I sit in my car seat. Put the keys in the ignition. Nothing! I try again three times . Nothing. At this moment I looked at my clock. It was 7:30 am and my test was at 11:30. The reason I go to the campus so early is so that I can sit in the library and relax my brain until class. Talking about class today was very important. Today was a test day. Very important I be there because I didn’t want to fail the class. Okay back to my story. My car did not turn on no matter what I did. So I did the thing that I was trained by my family and friends. I called AAA. And had them send over a tow truck. 45 minutes passes. They show up but AAA BRUNG the wrong size truck for my car. Plus it couldn’t make it around the corner in the driveway. This really made me upset. It’s been one hour and I still haven’t left the house. I was planing on relaxing but this was the complete opposite. AAA THEN tells me that they will get the right size tow truck and bring it to me right away. 15 minutes pass and they finally hooked up my car. And I got into the truck. On the way to the car repair place the person and I talked about some good topics. I don’t remember what exactly but we had a good time. At this point while we were driving I believed that the tow truck person would drive me by the college. If he did I would be able to walk home and worry about my car later. We get to the repair place and I ask him for a ride to the college. He says he can’t cause he has three tow truck jobs he has to get to. This again made me super upset. How am I going to get to school. I look at the clock again. 10:45. I only had about an hour to get to the campus. I asked some people in the repair place if anyone could drive me. They all said no can’t. So I sat down and opened my google maps app. To my surprise there was a bus stop 10 minutes away from me. It would be 10:55 at that point. I got excited and jumped up right away and told the front desk lady that I would be back for my car later. I briskly walked to the bus stop. To my surprise I was going In the right direction. I’m also glad that I had cash in my pocket. I finally get to the bus stop. This is when the nervousness came on to me. Now I had to look at the schedule and find what bus to go on to get to the campus and what time it shows up. There was a bus at the station but had no idea if it was mine or not. I quickly realize that it is the bus I need and it goes directly to the front of the campus. I hurriedly get on the bus and sit down. My heart is racing. I find a seat and relax. 11:10 my watches said as the bus left the station. Some time passed and I recognized the scenery. 11:23. I finally reach the bus stop on the campus. From past experience I know that it takes me 6 minutes to get to where the classroom is. I walk up the steps. I turn a few corners. 11:28 I see my classroom. 11:29 I walk through the doors. I’m completely out of breath. Everyone is sitting in their chairs. I walk to mine. My thoughts are racing. Thinking about all that happened. I’m also sweating. “I have made it. I am so proud of myself for getting through my trial. I am unstoppable. I preyed that I would not be late. And I was not late even by one minute. I showed up on time with some to spare. I learned the very important lesson this day. God is on your side. What an adventure. The day I almost didn’t make it on time.





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