AUTMUSE new MUSIC for Your relaxation

November 23, 2017


First off its been about three years since my first song. the first song consisted of loop done by someone that time a was very happy to have done good enough to get by with one of the best songs ive ever made.


But now that i have looked back on that day i now relise that first song i made with someone elses loops was not the best song ive ever made. 


the first generation of me that used loops, i liked to call myself rambojoe43. although people beleived that was more of a username and not artist name. 


so what do i call myself now that im more established prodcucuing my own loops with song that have more substance.


I call myself Autmuse. a very well established name that sounds like a professianla music producer name... And it is.


so to proove to you that i produced the best song/s ever, im going to let you listen to all my songs for free. you be the judge of if the song i have created is the best song ive ever done.


For even more cool Music from autmuse... please viset






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