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August 19, 2018

Name-Richie Fitzgerald
Current age- 28

How many years have you been producing
12 years

When I was in elementary school, the music teacher showed me his cello and I fell in love with it. But my parents could not afford one. Later, my parents bought me a guitar when I was 12. I started using garageband when I was 16, because it came with my macbook. Then moved to more advanced DAW's later.
I mean.. music was actually earlier because I would take my sisters casio keyboard to my room and play it when I was like 5, but it was just playing and not learning like I did with guitar.

someone you look up to someone you admire

I admire what Tool has done for music. They set the bar very high, in my opinion. When I have dissected their music, I find many intricacies and unique patterns. The way they build up to a climax of a song is almost like a formula for healing. The songs build tension going deep within your psyche to release repressed emotions, then the climax of the song helps you let go of those feelings. That is why I admire them, their music can aid in the healing process.

Something you live by - a personal quote

“Lose all preconceptions and think for yourself”

What is your main music style
Progressive Electronic

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