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goes through my life story and music

Our biography begins when joe wesley is diagnosed with high functioning autism. He was about five years old. He never knew why he ever went to get diagnosed he just really didn’t want to be there. A some years later around the age of twelve joe slowly started getting Into making music. Joe remembers back when he went over to a friends house and they had these blocks that had different shapes on each side. Depending on which side was activated would determine what musical sound came out. He spent many hour playing with this kids toy. He didn’t care. He was there to make music. He would change it up and experiment. Later joe would eventually get a retro piano from toys r us.

That piano would be one of his best possessions. “ I really had no idea what I was doing I was just playing for fun” joe notes. “I just pressed keys and if it sounded good I would play it multiple times”. Joe didn’t have any fancy expensive music equipment. All he had was this piano and a harmonic his brother gave him. He would spend hours playing with his new piano only to get back to trying something new. He usually would switch through the different voices. There was over one hundred different ones to choose from. His favorite one was the saxophone. sounded really good. Eventually joe would be upgraded to a X1 piano which was a big upgrade for joe and his music career.

After a few months using the x1 piano joe became interested in sharing his music online. He spent a few hours each night figuring out how to accomplish this goal. After many hour of grit he finally came out with a solution. It was Christmas time and he knew exactly what he wanted a laptop computer and one auxiliary cord to transfer sounds from piano to computer. His wish was granted but not exactly what he had in mind. Yes he did get a laptop, but it was his dads old. Windows 98 very basic. But it got the job done. “ I always enjoy listening to my music, much like when sports teams watch game film to get better. I listen to my music over and over till I get better at it”. Joe implies. He really, at this point in his life, enjoyed the idea of turning different sound into one audio file. For example using drum on one layer then using a synth to play over it. Very basic music recording but it worked it passed the time by. Joes life would take turn for the better when he gets his first real digital instrument. Known as USB POWERD instrument or MIDI DEVICE.

The first ever midi device that joe bought was called a novation launchpad. The idea was to put different loops on each separate pads to be able to play live at a venue. There were sixty four squares to choose from. Joe would spend hours finding free loops from the internet. Sometimes being successful and other times not. “The better the looped sounded the better the song would sound. It was a drag finding out which loops fit best with each other. “Pain in my lower region” he states. Eventually he would go back to the music store and buy pre made loops. These loops included some house and dubstep loops. It was a great compliment with the launchpad. It really did help. A few years after doing music with loops joe wanted to get more committed to producing music.

Joe slowly started making his own loops. He still used the pre made ones but not all the time anymore. “When I experimented making my own loops I was super exited”. “ now that it was midi meant that I could record something and change it within the music program I was using”. Joe told me. His song were improved by a lot. First with just one aux cord and old laptop to USB MIDI and a pro music program. This he told me is when rather than sharing just with himself. He would start sharing with the world.

He started uploading his songs for sale on major stores like Tunes and amazon. He was super committed to sharing his music. He would produce about two songs a day and then make a album cover and upload it. He really wasn’t worried about what it sounded like he just wanted to share with whom ever he could. He would spend a lot of time making the covers for his music. He would make the covers based on a dream he had or what the music made him feel. Over a span of six months he uploaded almost twelve albums to the Internet. He was and still is very proud of this accomplishment.

joe wesley did not make it to this point alone. He had a handful of friends who loved to teach him something new with music. For example when they taught him about side chaining where it makes one part of the song quiet when another sound is played. Much like when a kick drum is playing over the rest of the track. They also taught him the very basics of music. After the few years of training joe wesley has tremendously gotten better at mixing and mastering his music tracks.

Today joe wesley is very well improved on his music making. He has done so many things in the past few months. One is that he created a site to help people relax if they are stressed out. “If it helps me relax I know for sure it will help you relax”. He also does a daily livestream on a website called showing his process of making songs. I checked in on this and he is very good at music making. Showing how professional he is. He is happy to share almost anything with the world either just talking or playing music live. If you would like to know more about joe or google search Autmuse. We cant wait to see what joe becomes in the next few years.

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