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I am not a GOD

I’m not one to just give up on something. But right now I feel like it’s appropriate. I have to come out clean. I have been believe for such a long time that I can play god and fix things. Believing that what I do will make what ever is broken not broken. Well let’s cut to the chase I have always hated going to the dentist always... drilling and filling. The part I hated the most was getting fillings and the most dreaded part of all the shot they give you before all of that. Well I wanted to find a way to not ever go to the dentest ever again. Oh I also didn’t like to floss it was to much of a challenge to me. So what did I do. I searched all over the internet and found this fancy toothpaste that supposedly grew teeth back and filled cavities. So I bought it. I felt on top of the world. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. “No more cavities”! So I thought. I was obviously wrong. Dentest visit after dentist visit cavity after cavity. I don’t understand I thought this stuff was suppose to work. It did not. At that time after the fourth visit I knew I should stop the self testament. And even the doctor agreed with me. The doctor shared with me a great story about why floss and Regular toothpaste was invented and why it works so well. I lowered my head and said I would try my best to floss everyday. This experience would change the way I look at teeth my teeth from here on out.

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