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Being bothered with a solution

Something has really been bothering me tonight. One of my possessions has really tiny scratches on it. Can see them very clearly close up. Thank fully I can’t really see the scratches when I use the thing from a distance. I’ve been trying to fix the problem all afternoon. I believe I improved on the situation. I’ve been reading all these post online about how to remove the scratches and I’ve learned the hard way that you have to follow the instructions perfectly or the scratches will become worse. I tried to and keep trying to ignore the scratches it is hard to do but I am practicing it. Thankfully I exercised one of my best tools. Music! All of my anxiety was so built up that I needed somewhere to put my built up energy. I decided to do some music. Four hours later I have two new songs and finish editing of two others. I can tell you with all my heart I felt so much better. So relaxed almost made me not care about the scratches. Right now I am still reading the blogs of how to fix the scratches. I’m learning so much about maintainence for my device I even saw that there is screen protectors for my device. Ps there are a few options I can either go buy a new one $400 more bucks YUCK I can call the company and see what can be done SOMETHING BUT NOT WHAT I NEED Or deal with it wait till new one comes out I KNOW THE NEW ONE WILL COME OUT WELL I KNOW THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. Please if you read this far prey that I never ruin anything again. Like I have described in this writing. 

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