I hate to miss things!

I hate missing things. When something fun or important is open for me to do, or something I create, sometimes I over think it. I always am upset when the next day comes and the event I could have gone to or livestream event I thought I recorded . Usually a super cool show that is defunct in the end and very good party is missed. Or I can’t find the files or courage to say I really wish I was there. Here’s what happened . When I live-streamed my video game the other day I thought the screen was being captured. I was doing a really good job and showing my good teamwork skills. Also goofing off. And in general it was an awesome three hours of footage. I noticed at the end of the three hours that I have been broadcasting a black screen. This made me very upset. So this is what I did to overcome this anxiety. I told my self hey you at least were there to witness all the action. Who really is going to watch three hours of a video game. People would rather watch you live. Then I told myself you’ll probably forgot about this completely and move on the the next video. After telling myself this I felt much better. I still feel some anxiety but I will follow my words of wisdom. 

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