I’m sorry series...

Please forgive computer keyboard for me being super clumsy and putting the coin counter right next to you. Sorry that I had to knock it over right on top of you. I would never purposely hurt you.

I’m sorry car windshield for not really thinking it over. I’m sorry for using a sponge to supposedly get rid of a scratch that a rock had made. Sorry for messing you up.

Im sorry skin for not putting on sunscreen. I’m sorry for not believing in your goodness Making my skin cancer free. Without you a 80 couldn’t feel like a 60 degree day. With you the sun has nothing on me. 

I’m sorry car doors for breaking your handle. I did not take for granted of how delicate you were and are. I should have been more patient opening the door.  

I’m sorry eyes for not listening to you. I did not listen to you when you asked numerous times for a break and I did not acknowledge it. Sorry for all the extra curricular activity that we did need.  I’m sorry money. I’m sorry for not spending you on stuff I actually need. I didn’t know that spending you on stuff I didn’t need would clutter up my life significantly.

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