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My Oil and shirt story

So here’s what happened today. I was cooking some meat on the stove in a pan feeling pretty confident I was cooking good. I was pressing down really hard on the meat just enough to push out the oils. I tilt the pan just enough where the oil flows to the bottom of the pan. Then after a few times flipping the meat it started smoking. So I reacted and quickly turned off the stove and placed the pan on an empty spot. Here’s the part I really want you to get. While I was moving the pan i swished some of the heated oil on my skin and shirt. Not to bad but it did startle me. Some of the oil got on one of my shirts, not my favorite shirt but a good one. So rather than getting upset about it I chose to make that shirt my cooking shirt from here on out. No other shirt will be used. So that is an update of my day. Thanks for listening. 

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