Leaked story

I know I’m a nice person who cares about someones feelings. And understand when something really important needs to be done. The other day after the first free time recess I did not realize the girl I was working with needed to go to the bathroom. She doesn’t speak much to start out with. At the time I thought that she was just going back to the cafeteria and was done with playing outside. Btw the leader for outside said that we could stay out longer because the she had no homework. But what I didnt notice was that that was her saying that she needed to go to the bathroom. I don’t remember clearly if I asked her before Reece’s. Or at that quick transition back to play. And like clock work as we were playing our game she started to leak. And I was in shock. At this time I went to the other leaders for suggestions of what to do next. They suggested a change of cloths. No extra cloths were in her backpack! So one of the leaders called her dad to come pick up. And suggested everyday at the particular time ask if the bathroom is needed. I feel so bad about how I didn’t catch it Earlier. Although I am more aware now.  



Everyday now we make her go to the bathroom before her class I take her to. She hasn’t wet her pants since.

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