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About joe’s life with his music


Joes life now

Helping with his football team and wrestling team livestream


When I met him he was on app an he was an amazing person. what he does is help people who can’t sleep or stressed out. But when it comes down to what he does he can do so much an still have a positive mood about himself . if you want to hear his mucis go to spotify or to his web site an he has facebook too.

1. When did u get in to doing ur own music ?

I started making my own music when I noticed that I could do it myself. Cool to know that I can make a sad song when I’m upset and happy Song when I’m happy. Being able to make something super unique that I like. And that no one has heard before.

2.what made u want to help people?

I have been through Almost every emotion known to people. I wanted to help people because I know most of the time what they are going through something that I went through and feel compassion towards them. I dont want them to feel the way I did and or help them understand what I did in a particular situation. Then I feel better about myself for helping them. does it make you feel that you have people listening to your music?

It makes me feel super great. I always dreamed of getting popular with friends and family. It has become a reality. Most of my family have already told me how good my music is.

4.what is a great part of doing what you are doing ?

I get to inspire a whole bunch of people. Young kids and adults. Either through my music or website.

5.where do you see yourself down the road after doing all of this?

I see myself doing shows around the world with my significant other. In front of huge crowds. Cheering my name. Also maybe living in a huge mansion with a view.

When comes down to Joe he will make you forget about stress or how you sleep at night. He is best for what he does. I think he helps me out with stress and stuff, but when someone need help Joe can play his music and everyone forgets what happened in their lives or work or anything. All I can say about him is great person and I think anyone can sit down list to his music will feel relaxed and happy again. And right now I am watching him do stuff for his football team for his collage and I am so happy to call him my friend.

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