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We're from Bakersfield, CA. Our goal is to bring new life in the Bakersfield metal scene, and to be just as successful as KoRn and Adema while having an original different sound.

We're relatively new and have not even been together for a year yet.

  • Stef Underwood- vocals

  • Ray Solis- guitars

  • Block- Bass guitars

  • Josh Rogers- drums

Q & A

What kind of music do you guys produce?

We're a sludge metal type of band.

We have some grime vocals with grind guitars.

and the drums r just plain EVIL lol

Josh (Rogers) actually hand makes drums in his house where we have been practicing.


You go to his house too, and he has EVERY autographed record, access pass, and poster u can think of ANYBODY WHO IS SOMEBODY!


Well YES we R Tool fans ourselves! lol

I think they have some influence on us too!

I actually was gonna do a college project on them for Full Sail University, but I didn't have time to.

My last band Sickk Trash had a MAJOR Tool influenced sound.

Tool r from Los Angeles, and we're just a few hours away from there.

Our local friends in KoRn did some tours and festivals with Tool. I wouldn't complain IF I had MY version of the "American Dream", which would be my band opening for a band like that.

What is you past experiences - how did you guys meet?

Well speaking for myself I'd like to know that, despite how dark my lyrics r I hope my music SAVES LIVES and HEALS PEOPLE!

How we met huh? Well..

I've known Ray Solis for years.

When I was a kid I used to listen to the older KoRn records when I was growing up in Atlanta, Georgia on the east coast.

Because of KoRn I started listening to other Bakersfield bands.

I got into Adema, L.A.P.D., etc

Later I also discovered Juice, and I learned about Sex Art because all 5 members of that band and members of Juice went on to become VERY successful rock stars in other bands.

Ray Solis was originally the other guitarist for Sex Art, besides Ryan Shuck who later went on to play guitar for Orgy.

and Julien-K

I was a Bako music fan that became part of all the scene here when I moved here 3 years ago!

And a LOT has happened to me in the past 3 years.


Weeks ago I was leaving a local band here called Sickk Trash cuz we were breaking up, and by SURPRISE Ray messaged me to ask if I wanted to join Method cuz they were looking for a singer. Now here I am!

All the bands here know each other cuz we're a small community.
But for a small community we have a LOT of bands!lol
Why do you and the other band members want to be ROCKSTARS?

We actually just want to make the music we LOVE!

IF we become famous we're STILL gonna just be us!

But honestly we're MUSICIANS- not rock stars

That is just a cliche label for guys like us I think.

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