Joseph Wesley is an artist. His creative platforms include primarily music and video production where he has worked personally and professionally for the last 10 years. As with many people diagnosed with autism, art is a place where we can connect with people and where the mind finds peace.

As a way to connect with those around him, Joseph began exploring music. For years, his family and friends struggled to understand the mind of those on the Autistic Spectrum. Joseph found a way to communicate his discovery through art--and more importantly, through music. ArtMuse is his artform. It is a journey of exploration through the mind of those with any sort of Autism.



"I love starting from scratch. I start off with nothing, not even one idea in my head, but then you put down one loop and another and eventually you end up with one fantastic and inspiring piece of work. Start with nothing, and end with everything. Sometimes I make a sound so cool it either makes my head start bobbing or a tear start dropping from my face. I experiment with music experiments because it can eventually turn into full songs. If I didn't experiment, nothing would ever be created."

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