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Hi, I’m Joseph Wesley. The Autmuse network is here to help you relax with a plethora of calming media to explore. After a long day of work everyone could use a relaxation break to recuperate. Welcome to the Autmuse network.


--My channel consists of videos of rollercoasters and calming videos--



--I do a daily livestream of producing music or a playing a family safe video game--



--If you are unsure about my music you can listen to my tunes for free--

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Why should someone buy my songs and watch my videos

Hello. My name is Joe Wesley (aka Autmuse). When I was in the 3rd grade, I was diagnosed with high functioning autism, formerly known as Aspergers. I have always enjoyed listening to music and watching certain videos. These videos would either energize me or help me to fall asleep depending on the type & content.

I have always wanted to make my own music & videos. I thought that if these helped me so much, maybe the stuff I made would help other people on the autistic spectrum as well. After many years of practice and hard work, I have created the Autmuse Network.

Autmuse has many different types of music to listen to and a handful of really cool videos I created & uploaded to Youtube. For example, I created a variety of rollercoasters to ride. I found that watching these virtual rides calmed me when I became anxious and conversely, created a happy diversion when I became bored. My sincere hope is that these songs & videos will bring peace & joy to others like me living on the autistic spectrum. I hope you enjoy my website so much that you decide to visit it & share it with your friends who live heroically w/ autism or those who live with & love them. On a side note, my music could calm someone down either at school or work. Thanks for your Interest for The Autmuse network. I hope to talk with you soon.


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